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Customer Showcase: Grand Park City Hall with GTRIIP

July 24, 2018
Empowering the hospitality industry to provide greater convenience, and enhancing the hotel user experience through an automated, paperless check-in and booking system.

Grand Park City Hall (GPCH) wanted to create a seamless experience for hotel guests, from the check-in process to intuitive access to hotel facilities. By implementing GTRIIP’s document-less verification and check-in system, they were able to accomplish their goals and more.

Grand Park City Hall is one of the 16 hotels owned by Park Hotel Group around the world. Situated in the heart of Singapore’s Civic District and close to the CBD, the hotel’s prime location makes it an attractive choice for business and leisure travelers.  Aside from clinching the ‘Asia’s Top Leading City Hotel’ award from The World Travel Awards in 2013 and being a top nominee from 2014 - 2017, the property has also received other accolades from TripAdvisor and other leading sites, establishing themselves as one of the forerunners in Singapore’s hospitality industry. Being awarded the ‘Green Mark Awards - Platinum ’in 2017 from the Building & Construction Authority is a further testament to their commitment for smarter and sustainable business practices.


In the hospitality industry, maintaining top quality service has been compounded with various logistical, and administrative challenges. With various booking portals, individualised guest preferences and requirements to handle, hotel staff now find a significant portion of their time being taken up by mundane, repetitive tasks. Grand Park City Hall hence sought a keyless and self-regulatory solution that addressed these pitfalls of fragmentation.


GTRIIP introduced a paperless registration management system for Grand Park Hotel, which automates the administrative efficiency of identity verification through the guests’ personal mobile devices.

With GTRIIP, Grand Park Hotel City Hall has managed to find the perfect synergy between technology and service to improve workflows, and set new and sustainable benchmarks for the hospitality industry.

Find out how GTRIIP's integrated framework enabled hotel staff to handle a high number of guests, while lowering the number of man hours, and ensuring guests have a smooth and convenient experience throughout all stages of their stay.

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