GTRIIP for Smart Offices

GTRIIP for smart offices

By now, it is no longer a secret that we partner and integrate with door lock companies. After a biometric check-in verification and registration of a user profile at a property, opening the door is often the next natural progression for most of our customers.

While we started our product for hotels, another kind of customers that could benefit from our product are offices, particularly offices that are co-working space or hot-desking in nature. It is always an administration nightmare to issue access cards to all the new tenants that are coming in, keeping track of them all, and making sure to collect it back when the tenant leaves. This problem is amplified for multi-location offices. Each tenant is often walking around with multiple physical access cards to access different offices which sometimes use different systems. There is also a security concern of one lost access card being used to enter the office premises without permission. Tenants often “borrow” a shared access card, making it often impossible for an admin to keep accurate track of who comes in when. On days when there is an event at the office like a Friday talk by a guest, or a hackathon happening, the admin can forget about even locking the door, and have to make it just open to public.

With GTRIIP for these smart offices, all those problems are history. The smartphone can be used like an access card after a biometric verified check-in with the office admin, or self-service at the front door and receiving a software key. We sometimes forget to bring our access cards, but seldom leave home without our phone. This also enforces security compliance of being able to track each and every software key issued, who is using it to access, and when the key expires. Lost phones? No problem. The new owner of the phone will not even get past the Touch ID or passcode secured lock screen, let alone use GTRIIP app to open the door. Best of it all, customers can still use the usual physical access cards from the door lock manufacturer as a “backup” option.


We have just set up GTRIIP biometric verification iPad kiosk integrated with compatible door lock for a customer (Technopreneur Circle by Vertex Holdings). It makes our day every time we see an excited user who just experienced verifying her fingerprint to receive a digital key for the first time in her life, and then proceed to open the door using her iPhone! ?