GTRIIP’s Smart Access Management Technology for commercial properties can collate and prepare detailed insights on staff or tenant access and visitor information.

Our software provides a quick and secure Visitor Management Solution at offices, leveraging facial recognition technology to authenticate end users’ identity.

GTRIIP’s contactless access for offices can help streamline repetitive administrative tasks, which frees up time for employees to productively handle other tasks.


Optimized Visitor Registration

GTRIIP provides visitors with the ability to register remotely via the web, reducing time spent for registration on-site.

Digital Verification

Our Smart Access Management Technology, allows visitors to validate their identity by facial recognition or an OTP feature.

Improved Security

Organizations can now have better management of the visitors through GTRIIP’s Athena backend administrative dashboard. It will provide you with the ability to manage visitor digital records and office access more effectively.

Ease of Communication

With the GTRIIP software, hosts are automatically notified without any need for human intervention, freeing up time for the receptionist and other employees to productively handle other tasks.



GTRIIP also works with major partners to provide a Smart Access Management solution for our clients


It’s always beneficial to check the access status of visitors at a glance, enhancing security and accountability at your workplace. Get a quote

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GTRIIP contactless check-in solution uses photo ID and face verification technology that carries the benefit of no documentation changing hands and less prolonged face-to-face interaction between staff and guests.


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