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Paperless check-in technology – GTRIIP on BBC

GTRIIP, a start-up founded in Singapore that has opened offices in the US, has developed a paperless check-in technology using the iPhone’s biometric features.

Guests can securely check in at participating hotel chains using Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint recognition technology to access the booking details saved on their device. At the hotel, receptionists have their own “kiosk app” for checking in guests.

Co-founders Maxim Thaw Tint and Stanley Myo Lwin, both frequent travellers, were frustrated with time-consuming hotel processes and the need to carry multiple IDs or reservation documents. “When we researched the existing biometric technologies we found that the Apple Touch ID has been out there since 2013, together with the iPhone 5S,” says Mr Thaw Tint. “We decided to leverage on this because we don’t want to reinvent the wheel.”

GTRIIP is of particular interest to business travellers, says Mr Thaw Tint, who will often choose the same hotel group, due to their loyalty program. “[This] is good for pre-verified Touch ID,” he says. The start-up is already working with hotels in the US, Singapore, Sri Lanka, India, and Myanmar.

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