Update: GTRIIP v2.4 Release Notes

We’ve been hard at work at the latest release of GTRIIP, and we’re pleased to announced that the latest version of our app has been released!

Here are some of the new features that comes with GTRIIP v2.4:

Multiple Key Support

This allows all of our users to hold on to multiple keys to different doors at different buildings.

Auto Key Selection

Listed below are the scenarios when users try to open the doors:

If the user’s phone has no access key, the error “No Access Key” will be shown

  • If the user’s phone has one matching key, the key will be selected automatically
  • If the user’s phone has more than one key, the GTRIIP app will automatically scan for the nearest beacon
    • If the nearest beacon matches with one of the keys on the user’s phone, the key will be selected automatically
    • If no beacon is found, or if there is no matching key on the user’s phone, then a list of keys is shown for the user to choose from.

Notification Centre Widgets

Users are now able to easily access their doors with one click, on both iOS and Android devices.

Notification Messages

Users will receive a notification message when they approach a door, and they can simply tap on, or swipe the notifications to open the door.

In-App Key Expiration Notifications

Users will receive an in-app key expiration notification message if one of the keys they are holding to is expiring soon.

Version Information

Users will be able to check the version of the GTRIIP app they have installed on their mobile devices as a selection item in the settings page.

Wi-Fi Information Upon Check-In

Users can now also receive wi-fi login information upon checking-in.

We hope you enjoy some of the new functionalities of this latest app update. We’re always working to bring improvements to your experience with GTRIIP. To less waiting!

The GTRIIP Technology Support Services Team

This feature is coming soon