Cloudbeds Support Article

1. How to connect Trevo with Cloudbeds for the first time?

Step 1

Login to Cloudbeds.

Step 2

Select the Manage (sprocket/gear icon) to navigate to the Cloudbeds Marketplace.

Step 3

Open the APPS AND INTEGRATIONS section and select Marketplace.

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Enter Trevo in the Search Apps field then click on LEARN MORE.

Step 4

Select CONNECT APP to connect Trevo to your Cloudbeds account.

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Step 5

Review the permissions in the authorization page and select ALLOW ACCESS.

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2. How to sign up for Trevo?

If you are interested in Trevo, you may submit an enquiry at Our team will get in touch with you. Alternatively, you may contact our demo team directly.

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3. Specific functionality of the integration:

Pre-Arrival Registration/Pre-Check-in

Guest enters booking number and check-in date information to verify the reservation with the PMS.

*** The room need to be assigned before they can proceed with registration & check-in. ***

Guest will be prompted to snap a picture of their passport to auto populate the e-registration card. This process is securely encrypted and will be sent directly to Cloudbeds.

Check-in (In-house)

Guest enters their card information in our integrated payment gatewaypartners. This process is also securely encrypted.

Guest is redirected to our payment gateway partners and no credit card information is stored with us.

Our integrated payment gateway partners include:

Guest will be prompted to snap a selfie with their smartphones, and the passport image is then matched against the selfie to complete the check-in process.

Once check-in is completed, the guest may proceed to pick up the physical key card at the front desk.

Alternatively download a hotel-branded mobile app to receive the digital key directly in their smartphone. Schedule a demo with us at for more details on your hotel-branded mobile app.


At the end of the stay, the guest can settle bill payments as well as check-out using the same web portal.

4. How to disconnect the apps?

Step 1

Click on Manage (sprocket/gear icon).

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Step 2

Click on Manage Apps under APPS AND INTEGRATIONS.

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Step 3


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5. How to get support?

Existing customers who require support can reach out to our customers support at