About Us

GTRIIP is a leader in verifying guests’ identity against their photo IDs. The simple act of snapping a selfie will allow guests to gain access into hotels and offices using their smartphones.

Our patented software has completed over 1 million check-ins globally, and currently serves over 30,000 hotel rooms and office access points.

The GTRIIP software runs on a web platform to offer a contactless solution for hotels and offices, providing a higher scalable solution that can be easily deployed.


GTRIIP can authenticate guests’ face against their photo ID through a smartphone selfie. No expensive hardware investment is required.

GTRIIP’s innovative and scalable technology can provide a completely contactless experience for hotel guests, reducing lengthy queues at hotel front desk counters.

Moreover, our web solution is hardware agnostic and upholds privacy by verifying guests’ identity on their smartphones.


As businesses are forced to refocus and adapt to the new normal at work, business owners see the value in making their office space more contactless and secure for employees.

With the GTRIIP Aegis Tenant Management and Visitor Management Solution, they can achieve these objectives.

GTRIIP can authenticate the identity of end users and provide them with contactless access to offices. This makes the office environment more conducive and secure for employees.


Our Team

At GTRIIP, passion drives what we do and deliver. The overarching aim is to offer products that are easy to use and beneficial for everyone.

At the end of the day, we want to leave customers with memorable experiences when they are using GTRIIP’s products, providing them instant gratification, satisfaction, and happiness.

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