About Us

GTRIIP is a leader in contactless check-in procedures, allowing users to verify their identity with a selfie and gain access into hotels and offices using their smartphones. The product uses artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to automatically verify photo IDs and owners, reducing the time taken to check in a guest by 70 percent. GTRIIP’s patented software has completed over 1 million check-ins globally, and currently serves over 25,000 hotel rooms and office access points. GTRIIP’s solutions provide a scalable platform across multiple geographies, properties, and rooms, enabling a more productive, secure and sustainable user experience to facility managers, tenants, and visitors.


Hotels are in the business of delivering exceptional service and experience to their guests. Hence, they expect the same level of quality and standards from their technology partners as well.

At GTRIIP, we believe that shared success is defined by the value and relationship we build and maintain with the hoteliers and their guests over the long haul.

We are proud to develop this relationship with hotels, providing them a contactless check-in software that is easy to use, cost effective and secure.


As businesses are forced to refocus and adapt to the new normal at work, business owners see the value in making their office space more contactless and secure for employees.

With the GTRIIP Aegis Tenant Management and Visitor Management Solution, they can achieve these objectives.

GTRIIP is able to authenticate the identity end users’ and provide them with contactless access to offices. This makes the office environment more conducive and secure for employees.


Our Team

At GTRIIP, passion drives what we do and deliver.

Smart solutions that care for people, enhance customer experience and improve business efficiency are our core objectives.

The idea that passion coupled with hardwork and diligence will deliver the best work for our clients, will continue to be our company ethos and culture.

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