Secure access for tenants.

Aegis can issue mobile keys to pre-verified employees and tenants before they arrive at a property. Our contactless access for offices can help streamline administrative tasks, freeing up time for employees to focus on other value-added activities. We also ensure that our customers receive an end-to-end solution by integrating our technology with their existing hardware and software systems.



Management systems for visitors.

Aegis provides a quick and secure Visitor Management Solution at offices, leveraging facial recognition technology to authenticate end users’ identity. This will help eliminate any mundane and repetitive tasks for frontline staff.



for tenants

Maximize productivity in your workplace.

Complete control

Gtriip's Smart Access Management Software allows office managers to configure mobile access for staff or tenants easily. With a robust backend dashboard, they can now control access rights to specific rooms for a stipulated duration.

Multiple access keys

With the Aegis Tenant Access Management Solution, employees and tenants can store multiple workspace mobile keys in a single app.

Optimized onboarding

Gtriip's Aegis dashboard facilitates rapid on-boarding and off-boarding for employees and tenants remotely. Our secure mobile access solution can improve the operational efficiency of commercial buildings.

Improved security

The use of mobile keys is more secure in comparison to physical key cards.

for visitors

Impress your visitors with streamlined flow.

Optimized processes

Gtriip Aegis provides visitors with the ability to register remotely via the web, reducing time spent for registration on-site.

Digital verification

Our Smart Access Management Technology allows visitors to validate their identity by facial recognition or an OTP feature.

Ease of communication

Hosts will be automatically notified without any human intervention. Receptionists and employees’ productivity will be increased as they will be able to handle other tasks.

Improved security

Organizations can now have better management of the visitors through Gtriip's Aegis backend administrative dashboard. It will provide you with the ability to manage visitor digital records and office access more effectively.


The right solution for your workplace.

Estimated Cost (First Year)

$ 249 USD / location / month
US$ 2 / employee / month
US$ 2,925 - one time fee

US$ 2,925

* Prices are subject to change based on specific project and customer's requirements.
* Visitor Management Module is priced at US$ 249 per month / per location.


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