Innovate the hotel check-in experience

with GTRIIP's hotel software

Imagine having your guests check-in within no more than 5 minutes and mimimizing waiting time,
easing the administrative workload for your staff. That time is now.

GTRIIP’s patented document-less hotel mobile check-in technology provides an end-to-end user experience for your
guests through their smartphones - from making hotel bookings outside the country, to managing controls
within their hotel room, enabling a full maximisation of your staff’s manpower hours.

A seamless journey,
from pre-arrival to check-out

Pre-arrival: All-in-one booking process

With our hotel mobile app, provide your guests with the ease of viewing, registering, and booking their desired room before completing the necessary front-desk due diligences via GTRIIP’s platform - all even before they step foot in the hotel.

Arrival: Seamless check-in within 5 minutes

Your guests no longer need to wait upon arrival. They can self check-in with selfie and head straight to their allocated rooms with their mobile acting as keys.

Enhanced guest experience: Everything in a tap

Turn a guest's mobile phone into a room key - and more! With GTRIIIP hotel software, you can customise features to fit your needs such as lift access, in-room control panel, room service, facility booking features, and 24/7 concierge services. Even guest departure can be done at a push of a button.


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