GTRIIP’s revolutionary web-based online software, which will allow guests to digitally and seamlessly check-in with a selfie and also check out from their smartphones. The platform will also issue guests with a digital key to access the guest floor and room, bypassing the reception.

We have also incorporated upselling features to our smart technology which not only provides the opportunity for hotels to increase guests’ satisfaction but also maximize their revenue from their room inventory.

As guest expectations evolve, hotels will have to adapt and identify ways they can touch the hearts and minds of their guests while maintaining a safe distance and minimal physical contact during this crisis. As hoteliers, you can leverage our easy-to-use technology to achieve those objectives.


Faster Check-In for Guests

2 mins. That is all the time a guest will need to complete their pre-arrival registration and check-in with a selfie on their smartphones.

Better Efficiency at the Front Desk

The GTRIIP contactless solution is designed to reduce workload and have minimum disruptions to the current check-in process. The web check-in and check-out process will deliver guests’ details directly into the Property Management System (PMS) eliminating the need for any paperwork.

Upselling and Guests Personalization

At GTRIIP we have blended the room upselling feature into our software. Upselling allows hotels to offer guests relevant room upgrades to make their stay even better. Besides increased revenue, upselling offers improved customer satisfaction and loyalty through personalized service.

Improved Security

Security is also enhanced further with GTRIIP’s biometric check-in software. It validates guests’ details regardless of nationality, cross-referencing it against their own photo Identity and local government database such as EVA (E-Visitor Authentication).



GTRIIP also works with major partners to provide a complete contactless online check-in solution for hotels .

Property Management System

Smart Locks

Room Controls

Payment Gateway

Service Request

E-Visitor Authentication


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Please note discounts will be accorded based on the number of rooms committed by hotels.


GTRIIP contactless check-in solution uses photo ID and face verification technology that carries the benefit of no documentation changing hands and less prolonged face-to-face interaction between staff and guests.


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