Streamline administrative, logistical,
and visitor registration processes

Automating registration processes to reduce administrative procedures isn’t just a thing of
the future - it can be part of the now.

GTRIIP’s patented document-less registration technology can help streamline repetitive
administrative tasks, which frees up employees to handle other productive duties.

An efficient business solution

Seamless access

Assign document-less keys to your pre-verified employees and invited visitors even before they arrive. With GTRIIP, you can integrate physical access controls, and reduce potential administrative hassles at reception and different facilities within the premises.

Reinforce workspace security

Improve security in your office with GTRIIP’s geofencing technology and advanced biometric identity verification systems and get alerts when unauthorised personnel enter or leave a restricted areas.

Easy integration with systems and tools

GTRIIP’s technology integrates easily with your office’s current management softwares – syncing modules such as visitor registration and HR payroll systems to the Access Management Platform, with the ability to collate and prepare detailed insights and reports on staff attendance and visitor information.


  • Manager
    GTRIIP has made my work more efficient, and with the time and resources saved, I’m able to better focus on building the initiative to better serve the ecosystem
    Technopreneur Circle

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