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Choosing Your Post Pandemic Hotel: 5 Things To Consider

May 18, 2021
The thought of travelling may not resonate the same anymore. But with extra precautions and sufficient preparations, there are ways to enjoy our adventures in peace and joy. Here’s how you can choose your next hotel, during or post-pandemic.

It has been quite a while since anyone has truly planned for their next travel destination. As COVID-19 continues to affect travel through bans and restrictions, travelling has almost become a distant thought.

Evidently, the old ways of traveling no longer work in a post-pandemic world. Hence, hoteliers need to adapt to the current needs and wellbeing of its guests.

Here’s what you should be considering when booking your next hotel trip during or post-pandemic:

Location and Accessibility

Location remains a crucial factor when choosing your stay. Be it in a city or the countryside, ensure that the chosen location is able to limit the distance to places you plan to visit, hence reducing unnecessary travelling and exposure to other people.  

Another way to reduce contact and exposure with others is to opt for private-hire transport such as Grab or Uber. However, If you really have to go with buses or trains, be extra cautious.

Contactless Check-In Options

Opt for hotels that have a contactless check-in solution in place. Not only do they further reduce contact with other individuals, they are also designed for convenience and speed to remove the human clutter at the front desk. In times like these, contactless solutions such as GTRIIP are the future to strive for.  

Social Distancing Measures

It is always useful to do some research whether the hotel has implemented guidelines and processes to ensure social distancing measures are not compromised. The best way to get that information is by just calling the hotel front desks to enquire.

Also, find out whether the hotel facilities are adequately regulated by the management. Find out if they have stringent crowd control and sanitation measures at their pools and gyms.

24-hour e-/Concierge services

In the pandemic, staying-in doesn’t sound like a bad idea. There’s always indoor hotel facilities, and it limits contact with others. But make sure that concierge services are adequate and efficient enough to provide guests with everything they need without needing to step out of the hotel.

Cancellation Policy

Don’t forget to check the cancellation policy, just in case an emergency pops up. And don’t forget about other nitty-gritty details like no-show policy, taxes and resort fees.


In spite of the impending pandemic, many still hope for delightful and memorable travel experiences.

While this is achievable, it is important not to let our guard down. Just like many other crucial decisions in life, proper research should be conducted to ensure that the hotel of our choice is meeting the post pandemic needs of guests.

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