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Customer Showcase: Technopreneur Circle with GTRIIP

October 4, 2017
Enhancing shared-office visitor and tenant management through an automated, document-less verification and check-in system.

Technopreneur Circle required a less manual and more efficient system to manage members’ access to and movements within their co-working space in Raffles City. By implementing GTRIIP’s document-less verification and check-in system, the space is now able to improve its efficiency by automating its door access system, allowing for better management of the space and reducing manual administrative tasks.


Technopreneur Circle is a “give-back” initiative started by Vertex Holdings in Nov 2015 – this platform comprises online and offline elements and focuses on building a community of startups, entrepreneurs, investors, and corporate partners. A key feature is a co-working space located in the heart of the city: offered at no cost to startups and entrepreneurs who need a conducive space to build their business and at the same time, connect and collaborate with other fellow entrepreneurs and key players in the ecosystem.

The platform underwent a re-boot in June 2017 with a sharpened focus and tightened criteria, alongside a move to a bigger and better space.


The logistical and administrative challenges of managing a typical co-working space can be many-fold. As a co-working space with more than 200 members, the administrative requirements to manage their members’ access is no simple task.

Technopreneur Circle sought a keyless and self- regulatory solution to manage access to the space, with the goal of streamlining logistical and administrative issues.

“In line with Vertex’s core business of supporting promising and disruptive startups, we decided to partner GTRIIP as the team was great to work with and the solution is promising. We are glad to be their part of their pioneer foray into commercial properties in Singapore”


GTRIIP introduced a document-less registration management system for Technopreneur Circle, enhancing the administrative efficiency of identity verification and physical key management.

Mundane and repetitive tasks are now made simpler for the end users — verification and registration of members are self-administered through the biometric capabilities on their personal devices, and the deactivation of an outgoing member is as simple as just restricting access to a respective profile on the GTRIIP Access Management Platform.


The result of implementing GTRIIP’s system were immediately visible. Members are now able to access the co-working space with the software keys in their personal mobile devices. For the team managing Technopreneur Circle, accountability of physical keys being issued out are now a worry of the past. The management is also able to view at a glance members’ movement in the space.

More importantly, with GTRIIP, the team managing Technopreneur Circle staff is now able to focus their  time and resources and grow the initiative to contribute to the ecosystem in more meaningful ways.

“GTRIIP has made my work more efficient, and with the time and resources saved, I’m able to better focus on building the initiative to better serve the ecosystem”

Technopreneur Circle is now able to operate the co-working space with GTRIIP taking care of over 10,000 check-ins each month.

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