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Future of Hospitality: Hotel Without Front Desk

June 28, 2021
Hotel front desks have served us well for the longest time. However, change is always inevitable. And this time, it’s for the better. Find out how hotels without a front desk can actually provide a more seamless and safer experience for guests.

Years before the pandemic came into the picture, hospitality companies were trying to overcome the manpower crunch by introducing innovative tech solutions to improve work processes and overall productivity.

But the current scenario is completely different. Hotels are now trying to adopt tech innovations to ensure their survival during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The burning question for hotels now is how to ensure a pleasant stay for guests while remaining as “contactless” as possible in every aspect of their hotel stay. From the time guests step into a hotel, right up to the time they leave the property, hotels need to assure tourists that they will be safe in a property.

Not Just a COVID Buzzword

Evidently, touchless tech in the global hotel industry precedes the current pandemic. While contactless tech might not be revolutionary, the impact on guest experience and safety will certainly outlast the pandemic.

Even before the pandemic, innovative solutions have made hotels without a front desk a reality. By just holding their phones to a scanner, a guest can enter a lobby and are automatically checked-in. They can head to their room without even interacting with the front desk staff because they receive a digital key on their smartphone.

Through the use of smart bluetooth technology, which is available on the iOS and Android platforms, guests can not only enjoy seamless check-in processes, but also the guaranteed safety that comes with reduced contact with other people.

Enforcing Safe Distancing

All throughout the pandemic, safe distancing has been globally enforced as part of the initiative to restrict the spread of the pandemic. Similar to contactless solutions, safe distancing measures will be here to stay as people remain cautious and safe.

Facial recognition is yet another innovative tech in the hospitality scene that is imperative to safe distancing measures. It provides a fast, seamless and contact-free check-in experience for guests that reduces congestion by a large margin.

How this further helps social distancing measures is by reducing the physical exchange of documents and less prolonged in-person exchanges and interactions between hotel operators and guests.

No Touching!

Minimal to zero contact with surface areas in the environment is the new trajectory for the hospitality industry.

Besides automating frost desk operations, there are other tech that can help achieve this goal. For instance, voice command technology can be installed to control thermostats, light control, tv viewing and room service.

More than that, elevators can be outfitted with a sensor panel that registers input when guests hover their finger or hand over a button. There are some smart elevators that employ facial recognition to identify guests and take them to their desired floor.


Undoubtedly, COVID-19 has accelerated the transformation and adoption of contactless technologies in the hospitality sector. As hotels endeavour to protect guests and to assure travellers of their wellness and safety, the demand in contactless technology will continue to rise.

Likewise, contactless solution providers such as GTRIIP will strive to bring a more multi-prong approach to current problems.

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