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Biometric Technology Is Reshaping The Hospitality Industry

August 26, 2020
Biometric technologies like facial and voice recognition in mobile devices are at the forefront of technological advancements in the hospitality industry. Find out the multifaceted advantages of biometric solutions that can help hotels cut costs, stay relevant and safe.

The identity verification process was a standard feature for travelers before COVID-19. From checking in at the airport, boarding the flight, and clearing customs to even checking in at the hotel, the identification and authentication process was highly inefficient, time-consuming, and exhausting for travelers.

The growing popularity of biometrics has proven that it fills the gaps in traditional identification methods in the last few years.

In Singapore, the new biometric kiosks use iris and facial recognition as a primary means of authentication in automated immigration lanes, replacing fingerprint scanners for a contactless and more hygienic solution. Hotels such as Amara Holdings Limited and Park Hotel Group are already using biometric solutions to adapt to the vastly changing landscape of the hospitality industry.

Efficient & Easily Scalable

Being the worst-hit industry by COVID-19, most hotels are now operating with leaner teams. With the limited manpower, hotels need to adapt by ensuring that their work processes are more contactless, reassuring guests that it’s safe to stay at their property.

Biometric technology can improve organizational efficiency by making its processes more accurate, reliable, and productive. Solutions such as GTRIIP are easily installed and do not require additional infrastructure, making them easy to adopt and utilize.  This increased efficiency and productivity also help hotels save costs, maximizing revenue.

Contactless & Convenient

With most people being hyper-vigilant of the surfaces they come in contact with, the pandemic has ensured that contactless solutions will continue to be a mainstay in the near future.  Biometric identification solutions for mobile devices have made it possible to capture biometric identifiers like face, fingerprints, and iris scans on-the-go.

One example is GTRIIP's contactless check-in solution that uses a proprietary photo ID and facial recognition technology. By taking a simple selfie, guests can seamlessly check-in, and out of the premises via their mobile device.

These contactless technologies have made the identification and authentication process convenient, hygienic, and hassle-free. This ensures that both guests and staff of the hotels are kept safe and happy.

Increased Security

Since January 1, 2020, U.S. citizens have reportedly lost $13.44 million to COVID-19-related fraud, with the top complaint category relating to travel and vacation. Passport and other printed identity documents can be easily counterfeited, unlike biometric identifiers.

Newer authentication systems equipped with advanced spoofing-proof technologies and the latest liveness detection capability make biometrics more secure than other identification methods. For example, GTRIIP employs computer vision technology to provide accurate verification of guests' identity in real-time, allowing hotels to automatically detect if a person is attempting to check-in with a fraudulent passport and getting into a property with an invalid visa.

This dramatically reduces the potential of fraud, protecting hotels from suffering considerable loss.


Biometrics data, paired with the processing power of AI, allows hotels to process and filter out relevant information required for authentication and identification.

Fingerprint mapping and facial recognition scanning are biological measurements or physical characteristics that cannot be duplicated, making it more secure.

As one of the fastest-growing technological trends in the hospitality industry, there is no doubt that biometric solutions will become ubiquitous in a few years. To stay competitive, hotels need to align themselves with the changing trend, blending technology with guest satisfaction.

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