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Faster Hotel Check-in and Quicker Room Access in less than 2 minutes

September 3, 2018
For vacationers, planning the trip and finding a place to stay ranks as one of the biggest pain points contributing to travel

For vacationers, planning the trip and finding a place to stay ranks as one of the biggest pain points contributing to travel stress. A study by Travel Agency Central, a division of the business information company Questex, also reported that these pains causes up to 37% of travelers to cancel or delay vacations.

For hotel owners, being able to circumvent this pain could be a huge advantage, turning disgruntled and undecided travelers into loyal customers.

In an age where everything is on demand, and the fight for customer attention and engagement is paramount, we know how important it is to deliver a solution that is sleek, functional, and convenient. This is why we have combined hospitality and technology to bring you the newest AI in hotels, helping you to improve hotel productivity and customer satisfaction.

Let us show you how a hotel’s custom designed faster hotel check-in app, Hotel Mobile App developed by GTRIIP, can convert an enquiry to a confirmed booking in less than 2 minutes:

1) Direct download from your site: phone, passport/ID, credit card - 25 seconds

The GTRIIP smartphone application can be customized and bespoke to suit the brand personality that you wish your guests to connect with. A direct download link will be provided upon booking confirmation. Your guests will  just need three things on hand: their phone, passport/ID, and credit card.We are able to efficiently condense the size of the app at an under 50-megabyte download, making sure that it doesn’t take up too much space on your guest’s mobile device. Check out what we’ve done for Grand Park City Hall, with their app available on both Android and iOS.

2) Guest registration details - 1 minute 40 seconds

Your guests will need to register their details, including setting up a username and password, to create a digital identity. They will be sent another link through their email that they have to click to complete their registration.

3) Final verification and the seamless check-in experience - 40 seconds

Your guests will now be able to let you know when and how they are arriving at your hotel, along with any other requests they may have. This gives your team on the ground the means to provide them with the best service they can have. Once your guests are in your premise, all they need to do is to log in through your hotel’s Wi-fi and conduct a final verification on the hotel software.

This process begins with the guest furnishing his thumbprint, entering booking numbers, and taking a selfie. Having a two-pronged biometric approach – both fingerprint scanning as well as facial recognition - provides a more robust security feature to authenticate the validity of a booking and the identity of your guests.

After doing so, your guests will be sent a link, for them to check-in with ease.Your guests and their loved ones can now use their mobile phones as their key and all access card during their stay to enjoy your hotel to their heart's content.GTRIIP serves as one of the first to enhance artificial intelligence in hospitality. Our convenient and straight-forward customized hotel app not only provides faster check-in to hotels for your guests but also improve general hotel productivity.

Interested in a free consulation? Drop us your details via the link below, and let's get the conversation going! https://www.gtriip.com/consult-with-us

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