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Here's Why Investing In Contactless Solutions Is A Good Idea For Hotels

July 27, 2021
Contactless solutions are the only way forward for the hospitality industry. More than providing an added layer of safety for all parties, they are also designed to make every step of the process easier. Read on to find out more about why investing in contactless solutions is a good idea for hotels.

Remember those days when hotel guests used to demand for personalised services? Now, these demands have shifted to contactless services due to the COVID-19 pandemic. From self check-ins to payments, the general consensus amongst hospitality leaders is that contactless solutions are the inevitable future.

Fundamentally, they are also beginning to recognise that going contactless is not only sustainable, but also user-friendly.  Moreover, they are also starting to appreciate that they can still continue to provide a personalised experience tailored to every guest even when they implement a contactless solution. In essence, they are learning that hotels can still offer guests both a personalised and a contactless experience, without compromising on either one.

Let’s take a deeper look at some reasons why contactless solutions are further proving their worth as a great investment.

Optimising Operational Expenditure

From excessive paperwork to lost room keys, these operations that used to be conducted manually can now be moved to the digital platform. As most solutions run on the guests’ personal mobile devices, it won’t be long before hotels would no longer need to prepare additional resources to facilitate guest check-ins.

Hotels can simply collect guest check-in details through a pre-arrival web registration form that does not require any app downloads. This means that guests can complete their check-ins online by verifying themselves with a selfie which can be done in less than three minutes.

By doing so, hotels can cut costs incurred from miscellaneous budgets like replacing lost room keys, and redirect that fund towards routine system updates and maintenance. This will also help to streamline processes, resulting in quicker check-ins and seamless administration.

A Weightless Process

Since operations can now be moved to the digital realm with contactless solutions, the supporting systems and firmware can also be maintained and updated online. Instead of having to be present on-site to conduct regular checks, everything can be achieved remotely. This not only translates to less labor and manpower, but also improves a department's overall process and productivity as well.

Additionally, guests would be able to complete their administrative needs online. Payments, redemption of loyalty points and even feedback, can all be done with a simple tap on their personal mobile devices. This could mean no more long queues at the hotel lobby or front desk. With anonymous log-ins and unique identifiers, guests can rest assured that their privacy is a priority and that it is protected at every stage of the online administration process.

A Safer Way To Go

Within the past year, COVID-19 has made us all more aware of general hygiene, causing everyone to be more wary of the environment and the surfaces we touch. Be it lift buttons or escalator handrails, people are still walking on eggshells. This justifies the efforts made to reduce the possibility of coming into contact with any surfaces to minimize the spread of germs.

Hotels are no different.

While it is important that we sanitise these high touch surfaces, there are still more that can be done and that’s where these contactless solutions come to play.

With a high volume of guests and staff walking around the hotel vicinity, such contactless solutions not only minimises contact, but can also be customised to provide frequent updates regarding the premise’s sanitation schedule. This will inspire greater confidence amongst hotel guests and staff alike, providing assurance of a safe environment.


In the past, digital solutions were implemented to improve productivity and manage the labor crunch. However, times have changed drastically. Due to COVID-19, hotels see the importance of going contactless, reassuring staff and guests that they are working and staying in a safe environment.

Inevitably, this pandemic has also highlighted the value that technology can bring to the hospitality industry. Convenience, improved customer service, simplified processes and reduced labor burdens are only a few of the benefits of going contactless.

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Here's Why Investing In Contactless Solutions Is A Good Idea For Hotels

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