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Leveraging On The Internet of Things (IoT) to Transform Guest Experience

November 9, 2020

One of the most influential and beneficial emerging trends for the hospitality industry is the use of the Internet of Things (IoT) to ensure that guest satisfaction is enhanced further.

Unlike other trends, however, leveraging IoT has seen a slow adoption rate as many hoteliers struggle to fully grasp what it is and how it can help improve their business. IoT refers to a network of digital devices or ‘things’ embedded with sensors and software that collect and exchange data with other devices and systems.

According to the Statistica Research Department, with experts expecting the number of connected IoT devices to more than double to 75 billion by 2025, here are some ways hoteliers can leverage IoT to elevate their guest experiences.

Highly Personalized Guest Experiences

Intelligent IoT solutions allow hoteliers to employ a network of automated systems that collect data on guest preferences, offering them a completely personalized stay catered to their needs.

During the check-in process, guests can fill out their preferences via a weblink or a multi-property centralized app, and these preferences can be activated when the guest arrives. Solutions such as GTRIIP provide an end to end option, from seamless and integrated mobile check-ins to personalized in-room services such as temperature, lighting, and even television control — all from one central app!

Intuitive Hotel Maintenance

While often taken for granted, maintaining the hotel’s upkeep, including ensuring that devices and appliances work as they should, dramatically adds to the guest experience.

IoT uses sensors to detect potential problem areas in the hotel, including leaking taps or faulty lights. Where possible, they can fix them automatically or notify the relevant departments before the guest lodges a complaint. With predictive and preventive smart maintenance, machine to machine technology can streamline the hotel’s maintenance systems, enhancing the guest experience.

Cross Property Integration

Having a central database of guests’ preferences accessible by a chain hotel’s properties tremendously elevates the guest experience.

This creates a seamless, ‘at home anywhere’ experience that will keep guests returning for more regardless of the hotel’s location since they are confident that they will be treated with the same high standards and level of care. When paired with AI, this database will provide a centralized guest profile, allowing the IoT solutions to continue to build upon and work towards imparting a better guest experience by leveraging guest data.


The hospitality industry’s sole mission has always been about focusing on enhancing guest satisfaction. With trending technologies that improve guest experience via personalization, and that helps save maintenance and operational costs, there is no doubt that leveraging IoT is the future of the hospitality industry.

IoT comprises various technologies from biometric facial recognition software for enhanced security, seamless online check-in processes to even adjusting the ideal temperature and lighting setting for guests to enjoy.

Find out more about GTRIIP’s core solution of providing hassle-free smartphone check-ins and check-outs designed specifically to enhance the guest experience: https://www.gtriip.com/hotel/

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