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High Tech And No Touch: 3 Ways Hotels Can Go Completely Contactless

July 28, 2020
COVID-19 has brought about a new need for reducing physical contact with an increase in safety measures. Contactless solutions are not only cost-efficient, but they are also convenient and easy to adopt. Find out the various contactless technologies hotels can adopt.

With countries starting to lift travel restrictions, hospitality providers are looking to reopen safely and win back consumers. Hotels perceive that they have an obligation and need to reassure their guests that it’s safe to stay at their property.

To make this possible, Hoteliers are turning to contactless solutions to reduce direct contact between guests and staff. Here we share 5 ways hotels can go completely contactless, from contactless check-ins to contactless keycards.

Contactless Check-In

Hotels’ main goal is to reassure guests that they are staying in a safe environment and to ensure that staff safety is not compromised. With GTRIIP contactless check-in solution, they will be able to meet those objectives. GTRIIP automatically processes hotel check-ins using a proprietary Photo ID and face verification engine powered by computer vision and machine learning algorithms.

The processed check-in data is then automatically sent to the hotel property management systems. This carries the benefit of no physical documents or forms changing hands nor prolonged face-to-face contact between hotel staff and guests in the lobby.

Contactless Keycards

Hotel keycards are one item that frequently changes hands, from various guests to the receptionist collecting the keycards. This creates many touchpoints, increasing the possibility of contact-based bacteria and germ transmissions. To eradicate this problem by ensuring safety and enhancing security, many hotels have started issuing digital room keys. With the GTRIIP solution, guests’ profiles are verified instantaneously via a smartphone selfie and matched against their passport image before generating a digital key to their smartphones.

The benefits of using digital keys are plenty. Hotels can reduce their maintenance cost replacing lost and old keycards, while guests’ also find digital keycards more convenient to use because it resides in their smartphones.

Statistics show that a single 200-room four-star property uses nearly 300,000 pieces of single-use plastic in a month. Therefore using digital keycards is undoubtedly a more efficient and cost-effective way to become increasingly plastic-free.

Contactless Payments

Contactless payment solutions have been around for a while, and now this includes mobile wallets such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Android Pay. The variety of contactless payment options makes it easy for both hoteliers and guests to implement and adopt these solutions.

Contactless payments offer customers a better buying experience since they are faster than both cash and card transactions. They also reduce bottlenecks during traditional peak check-in hours and cash handling processes, improving operations.

With the enhanced security provided by contactless payment gateway companies, both hotels and guests are becoming more receptive to online payment modes to complete their transactions during check-ins and check-outs.


Hotels should invest in contactless solutions with the increased safety protocols for hotels, ensuring customer and staff safety and hygiene,

Other than being cost-effective and convenient, contactless solutions such as GTRIIP are at the forefront of technological advances in the hospitality industry.

Find out more about GTRIIP’s hotel solutions, such as their automated and hassle-free check-in system here: www.gtriip.com/hotel/

To learn more about the full range of contactless solutions, GTRIIP provides, reach out to us via the link below. www.gtriip.com/consult-with-us/

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