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How It Works: IATA Contactless Travel Pass App

March 15, 2021
The IATA Contactless Travel Pass App acts as a universal bridge between borders and nations, and is built to meet the contemporary post-pandemic needs of travellers, governments and airlines. Click on the latest article and find out how it works.

Contactless check-in solutions for the hospitality industry, such as GTRIIP, have continued to thrive as more and more establishments begin to realise the importance of such conveniences in the post-pandemic era.

But without a clear COVID-19 guideline to educate passengers about a universal test process; to standadize test requirements and to manage test errors, contactless hotel check-ins can only do so much to reinvigorate the travel and tourism industries when borders reopen for travel, even after quarantine protocols are in place.

Fundamentally, having accurate data on passengers’ information regarding COVID-19 health status is quintessential in the process of reopening borders with or without quarantine.  This information would be able to provide confidence to the governments to be able to effectively mitigate the risk of importing the virus.

With the slated launch of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Travel Pass App by the end of March 2021, the process of travelling and the reopening of borders without quarantine will not only be made possible, but is also able to provide assurance through its end-to-end solution that incorporates the following four open-sourced and interoperable modules:

Global Registry Of Health Requirements

Powered by IATA Timatic (Travel Information Manual Automatic), the IATA Travel Pass App is developed to deliver personalised information based on a passenger’s nationality, destination, transit points and other relevant information.

With a synchronised and global registry of health requirements, travel passengers can find accurate information on the requirements for travel, testing and vaccinations for a safe and smooth journey.

Global Registry of Testing/Vaccination Centers

More than a global health registry, the IATA Travel Pass App also systematically provides a global registry of testing/vaccination centers. The app is able to manage and verify the mandatory testing flow, along with the vaccine information, among governments, airlines, laboratories and travellers.

Ultimately, passengers can seamlessly find testing centers and labs at their departure or arrival locations that can conduct COVID-19 tests in accordance with the type of test required for their journey.

Lab App

Vaccination certificates are important documentations. Taking this into consideration, the Lab App feature enables authorised labs and test centers to securely share test and vaccination certificates with passengers, while binding test results to respective passengers. Besides being recognisable by professionals in the aviation industry, the app also enables labs to share test results/vaccination in a verifiable manner.

Contactless Travel App

The Contactless Travel App is one of the most crucial components of the IATA Travel Pass as it enables passengers to:

  1. Create a digital version of their passport
  2. Receive their test/vaccination results and verify that they meet the regulations for their itinerary
  3. Share their results with airlines and governments

Additionally, this app can significantly improve the travel experience through its features that help manage travel documentation digitally and seamlessly.


Overall, the IATA Travel Pass App acts as a universal bridge between borders and nations, and is built to meet the contemporary post-pandemic needs of travellers, governments and airlines.

Besides being a proven IATA solution with interoperable functionality (open standards and open networks), the IATA Travel Pass App draws a comparison with GTRIIP’s contactless check-in solution that only seek to help users navigate through a new age where contactless and integrated technology is imperative to everyday lives.

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