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GTRIIP Contactless Check-In for Hotels: A Completely Web-Based Solution

September 28, 2020
The check-in process can make or break a guest's first impression at a property. Providing guests with a quick and contactless check-in experience is vital in driving customer satisfaction and loyalty. Find out the benefits of GTRIIP's contactless web-based check-in solution that reduces check-in time by 70%.

"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." - Maya Angelou.

This rings especially true for the hospitality industry. Being conscious of providing a positive and quality guest experience from check-in to check-out is crucial in increasing customer retention, brand loyalty, and credibility of the hotel.

Research conducted by Deloitte found that "12% (of guests) are more likely to return," and "21% were most likely to share positive reviews" if they've had a satisfactory guest experience.

Undoubtedly, the very first touchpoint to leave a positive mark with a guest is at the front desk counter. The traditional check-in flow, which encompasses processing payment, assigning a room, and issuing a room key, takes around 8 to 10 minutes.

However, with the GTRIIP solution, this process can be made contactless and completely web-based, reducing check-in time for a guest by around 70%. This new innovative technology improves guest satisfaction and increases the productivity of the front desk officers considerably.

Less Friction For Guests

Having a hotel-branded app to facilitate check-ins is a great idea, but the reality is that it can be hard to incentivize guests to download one for every property they visit. The best strategy to reduce this friction is by providing guests with a simple web link to complete their pre-arrival and check-in. This is precisely what GTRIIP is currently doing.

Every time guests book a room directly via a hotel website or an online travel agent, they will receive a web-link to complete their pre-arrival. One the check-in day, the same guests will receive another link to carry out and finish his check-in process remotely with a smartphone selfie.

With the GTRIIP contactless check-in solution, guests’ profiles are verified instantaneously via a selfie matched against their passport image by GTRIIP.

This also means it is an entirely contactless solution because necessary information is sent directly from the guests’ smartphones to the hotel’s Property Management Systems (PMS), eliminating the need for any paperwork.

More importantly, this smooth and hassle-free digital check-in process allows guests to skip the long check-in queues in hotel lobbies, improving guest satisfaction.

Improved Security

Unlike web-based solutions, apps require frequent security and software updates that can be updated easily with less effort.

However, during web check-in, the guest's details are transmitted from guests’ smartphones to the Property Management System (PMS) at a hotel. Rightfully, the biggest concern for any hotel is how customer data is kept safe from a data breach during a completely contactless check-in process.

At GTRIIP, we ensure guests’ data sent over from the guests’ mobile phone to the PMS is protected with a high level of encryption. This is similar to how online payments are conducted by companies such as Alibaba and Amazon.

Local authorities have also emphasized the importance of proper processes to protect guest data in a hotel. These guidelines have been articulated in The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and The Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA). At GTRIIP, we always adhere to these guidelines, protecting guests’ data, and ensuring that it is never compromised.


The check-in process is often time-consuming and can negatively affect a guest's first impression at a property. Hence providing them with a quick and contactless check-in experience is vital to drive home customer satisfaction and loyalty.

With more than 1 million check-ins globally and serving over 25,000 hotel rooms, GTRIIP counts Park Hotel Group, Amara Holdings Limited, Top Hotel Casino Group in Macau amongst their esteemed list of clients.

This is expected to grow in 2021 because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Hotels recognize that they have an obligation and need to reassure their guests that it's safe to stay at their property with a completely contactless solution that also places a great deal of emphasis on protecting guest data and security.

Find out more about GTRIIP's hotel solutions, such as their automated and hassle-free check-in system here: https://www.gtriip.com/hotel/

Learn more about the full range of contactless solutions that GTRIIP provides by reaching out to us via the link below. www.gtriip.com/consult-with-us/

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