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Meeting Expectations of Staycation Guests During a Pandemic

December 1, 2020

In Singapore, all eligible citizens are set to receive a $100 SingapoRediscovers voucher as part of the government’s efforts to boost tourism, which has been adversely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

In light of the current promotion, it is natural to see an increase in demand for hotels, tours, and attractions. Standard processes and procedures for staycations have completely changed post-pandemic. Hoteliers should adapt accordingly to changing guest expectations to remain competitive in this challenging economic climate.

Only by understanding guest expectations can hoteliers continue to provide quality guest experiences and ensure guest satisfaction, pandemic or not. Here are some measures and procedures that hoteliers should implement to ensure a quality stay for Singaporeans during their staycations.

Getting SG Clean Certified

Due to the global pandemic, Singaporeans have naturally become very hygiene-conscious. The National Environment Agency (NEA) has launched an SG Clean Programme that certifies hotels with the “SG Clean” quality mark — a ‘premises-based sanitation and hygiene indicator.

’Hotels need to comply with a 7-step checklist of requirements, including employing an SG Clean manager to ensure that there are documents and records of all preventive measures before getting certified.

Even though the certification is currently voluntary, all hotels should strive to get the SG Clean certification to gain the trust and confidence of local Singaporeans that will be booking their staycations.

Seamless & Contactless Check-In Processes

The web-based contactless check-in process ensures that local guests do not have to come into contact with traditionally high touch surfaces, such as the reception area.

With 85% of Singaporeans expected to use a mobile device to complete a check-in, hoteliers should look to solutions such as GTRIIP, which provides seamless and contactless online mobile check-in and checkout for guests.

Guests will have to input and verify their booking details by uploading an image of their passports or identity card on their personal mobile devices. These details are then auto-populated and matched against their smartphone selfie. These solutions will save the guest time and inconvenience, making them feel safer, enhancing the overall guest experience.

Flexible Booking Policies

The pandemic’s unpredictable nature has caused local guests to be hesitant to book a hotel for their staycations despite Singapore’s improving situation. This rings especially true if they may be forced to cancel reservations at short notice, as seen in the recent second wave resurgences of the pandemic around the world.

Hoteliers can help ease this worry by providing flexible booking options. This will encourage Singaporean guests to book a room with the hotel, knowing that if they have to cancel, there are procedures for a refund or even reschedule the booking to a later date when the situation has improved.

Understanding guest concerns, especially in such tumultuous times, will help to ensure vital guest satisfaction and future loyalty by offering empathy through flexibility.


Understanding local guest expectations is the first crucial step in putting together a proactive action plan that ensures guest safety, convenience, and satisfaction if hoteliers want to come out on top after the dust settles.

The year-end staycation period is crucial for hoteliers to mitigate the losses they’ve made during the months of lockdown. By understanding and meeting or even exceeding Singaporeans expectations, hoteliers encourage guest loyalty, spreading word of mouth.

Find out more about GTRIIP’s core solution of providing hassle-free mobile web check-ins and check-outs designed for the guests’ convenience: https://www.gtriip.com/hotel/

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