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Reduce waiting time: Why iOS first?

March 14, 2016
Do Less Waiting. Sounds like a simple promise to a traveller, but it definitely is not a simple effort for us. It is a combination

Do Less Waiting. Sounds like a simple promise to a traveller, but it definitely is not a simple effort for us. It is a combination of education for hotels front desk staff, training to become more efficient, and using an intelligent solution avoid the check-in process hassles, ease travel pains, and make it 5 to 8 minutes faster each time. We wish every traveller out there could reduce waiting time regardless of whether her smartphone is an iPhone, an Android phone, or a BlackBerry.

Customers ask us, can’t we just use an SMS verification instead of complex biometric authentications and Touch ID that only the iPhone has? Today, we have made GTRIIP work anytime, anywhere, even without a SIM card in your phone! This means a traveller arriving at a foreign country hotel lobby without data roaming or even a working SIM card can still use GTRIIP on her iPhone to check-in faster.

We understand

We try our best to be always empathetic, trustworthy, and adaptable. We are travellers too, and we have been in your shoes and share your troubles often enough. We have been through situations where we just don’t have the working internet connection on our phone at a foreign country hotel lobby, due to various factors a traveller has no control over.

Being adaptable means us designing our solution to adapt to your situation. It makes no sense if we are introducing more trouble for travellers than the problems we remove — waiting.

GTRIIP effectively reduces the check-in process by 5 to 8 minutes waiting time. This allows for more time to enjoy in your hotel room and less time wastage in the lobby. We store your data in the safest way possible – by not even keeping them on any of our servers and databases. We have designed our product to provide the ultimate privacy to all of you. GTRIIP is backed by TouchID, a safe, secure and proven biometric security feature spearheaded by Apple. Receiving an international SMS over a roaming connection is not always instant, and could take some time for the SMS to arrive depending on the country and telco you are roaming on. You might be waiting longer to receive that SMS!

In conclusion, we hear you. We understand travellers want this on Android too. We have already started our R&D on the Android Fingerprint Scanners support for upcoming Android M, and will ship our Android version of GTRIIP with biometric authentication once we have tested enough to assure it is ready.

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