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Hoteliers Leaning Towards Contactless Solutions To Build Customer Loyalty

August 11, 2020
Post pandemic, Hoteliers need to adapt to changes in consumer trends to build and sustain customer retention. With contactless solutions at the forefront of technological advances in the hospitality industry, here are 3 reasons why contactless solutions should be implemented to improve customer retention.

After months of working from home, even during the holiday seasons, the urge to escape from the daily grind to take a holiday has never been greater. In Singapore, till international travel restrictions are lifted, more are opting for staycations to satisfy the need for a long-awaited vacation.

Hoteliers should take advantage of this increased demand brought about by staycations to improve guest loyalty since the cost of acquiring new guests is far beyond the costs of retaining existing guests.

A study by Bain & Company shows that loyal customers end up spending up to 67% more than a new guest, contributing to a more substantial portion of revenue. Hoteliers that can provide a positive, seamless, and informed guest experience will keep guests coming back.

The pandemic has brought about drastic changes in consumer taste and preferences in the last few months. In adapting to these consumer trends, here are 3 reasons hotels should choose to implement contactless solutions to improve customer loyalty.

Safety & Hygiene

For guests, safety and hygiene have become a major concern and a deciding factor when choosing a hotel. Hotels that can reassure guests that practical solutions have been put in place to ensure cleanliness will attract and retain more guests.

Studies have shown that TV remote controls are the dirtiest item in a hotel room and are rarely cleaned. Contactless hotel check-in technology providers like GTRIIP can also enable guests to control the TV, AC, and even the light switches using their mobile devices, reducing contact with various physical surfaces. In addition, guests can also use the e-concierge and chatbot functions to request more towels and pillows or even inquire about the best restaurants in town.

These contactless solutions provide guests a safe and hygienic environment, building brand credibility and trust.

Shorter Waiting Time During Check-In

Waiting times during check-in adversely impacts guest satisfaction and perceptions about staying loyal to a hotel chain. According to a report by Cornell University’s Center for Hospitality & Research, a 5-minute waiting time during check-in results in a 47% decrease in guest satisfaction. Traditionally, it takes around 8 to 10 minutes to complete a typical check-in process, from verifying and recording the guest profile to processing the payment and issuing a room key.

GTRIIP’s contactless solutions serve as a “pocket concierge” by allowing guests to check-in remotely and verify their identity with a selfie. This selfie is matched against their passport image upon arrival, ensuring a seamless process that reduces check-in time by up to 70%.These contactless solutions contribute to a pleasant and stress-free experience for guests, encouraging them to return.


A great guest experience by itself is no longer enough to win a customer's favor. Guests are increasingly loyal and committed to brands that align with their values. One example is eco-friendliness, which is becoming a growing priority for environmentally and socially conscious guests. Cloud-based contactless solutions significantly reduce the use of paper and the need to keep physical records, since all the data — from check-in details to receipts — are kept online.

This way, hotels can play their part in reducing the negative impact on forests, minimize energy consumption that goes into producing paper and climate change emissions.

Check-in solution providers like GTRIIP also provide digital keys, which significantly reduce the use of plastic keycards, making them environmentally sustainable. These contactless solutions provide an end to end guest journey via their mobile device, providing a seamless digital and eco-friendly experience.


In this challenging time, especially for the hospitality industry, contactless solutions are the most practical, intuitive, and cost-effective solution in building customer loyalty. Profound changes in consumer trends have significantly impacted guests' tastes and preferences. By understanding these changes, hoteliers can implement smarter solutions to improve guest retention.

Hotels can implement contactless solutions such as GTRIIP, which is at the forefront of technological advances in the hospitality industry to ensure a seamless guest experience, improving customer loyalty.

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