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Recalibrating for Survival: Top Priority For Hotels

September 15, 2020
COVID-19 has affected every sector across the globe, with the hotel industry being among the hardest hit. Staying alive and being profitable should be the #1 goal for hotels in 2020 and beyond.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced hotels to go back to the drawing board and plan out a new game plan to remain in business.

Most analysts predict that the hospitality sector will only see some semblance of recovery after 18 months. During which, revenues are expected to shrink to at least 30% from the 2019 numbers. These seismic shifts have caused many hoteliers to rethink how hotels should be run to minimize cost and maximize profit.

Although one of the easiest ways to manage this could be to furlough staff by reducing payroll cost, hotels need to look at profitability, not only from the perspective of cost but also from the workflow process and efficiency standpoint.

Here are some ways hoteliers can make workflow processes more efficient and streamlined, reducing costs beyond the pandemic.

Implementing Technology To Improve Service

Robots could soon play a significant role in functions like housekeeping, security, and front desk duties as personal service robots such as vacuum cleaning and lawn mowing robots become ubiquitous.

Presently, Hotels can adopt solutions such as GTRIIP's check-in module, which completely transforms the traditional check-in process, reducing check-in time by up to 70%.With GTRIIP, guests can complete their check-in process with their own smartphones with minimum or no contact, using a proprietary photo ID and face verification technology that authenticates guests' identity.

Such digital solutions allow hotel employees to perform less mundane activities and focus on serving guests better.

Retraining Staff To Multi-Task

Instead of simply laying off staff to reduce operational costs, hoteliers should retrain staff to take on multiple duties. By improving productivity and process flows, staff will perform less repetitive duties clearing up time for them to attend to guests’ centric activities.

For example, by employing the GTRIIP check-in solution, a front desk officer has more time to double-up as a concierge officer at the property, attending to guests’ questions on places of interest and dining recommendations.

The Singapore government has also implemented programs for hotels to tap on funds and grants that encourage staff training and retraining.

Operating With A Flatter Structure

While Hotels' hierarchical organizational structure should not be overlooked, as it significantly influences how business processes are performed — hoteliers need to operate with a flatter structure within departments to improve efficiency.

For example, the F&B Director in a hotel might have activities that overlap with the F&B Manager. To avoid such duplication, hoteliers can revisit and streamline all roles within and across all departments. New and efficient processes should also be introduced to allow teams to perform independently with minimum supervision.


Research done by the Mckinsey & Company suggests that recovery to pre-COVID-19 levels could take until 2023 or later. The volatility of the current situation means that it will be a long time before the hospitality industry returns to pre-COVID business and profitability levels.

Understandably, hoteliers are now forced to rethink how they can bring about positive change in the immediate term with better technology, better training, and better processes.

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