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AI & Biometrics Software Startup, Closes Series A Round

March 6, 2018
For immediate release, Singapore, 23rd January ’18 – AI & Biometrics Software Startup, GTRIIP, announces it has secured a 7-figure sum in their Series A round of funding from institutional investors.

Headquartered in San Francisco with an APAC office in Singapore, the startup will use the new funds to expand its AI-powered cognitive technology features that have been making waves in the hospitality and technology industry.

Among 8 innovations featured in the Smart Hotel Technology Roadmap by Singapore Tourism Board, GTRIIP uses biometrics in hotels and AI in hotel operation to increase productivity. It reduces repetitive tasks for hotel staffs and provides guests with an improved hotel experience. With the ability to link photo IDs and memberships to the ubiquitous smartphone, GTRIIP gives everyone a digital identity and the freedom of document-less travel worldwide.

“This round of funding allows GTRIIP to reach our true potential and scalability in providing a wide range of AI-powered cognitive solutions for the hospitality and corporate real estate industry,” says Huang Siheng, co-founder and CTO of GTRIIP. “I’m excited to further our technical and business development to benefit hotels, offices, and clubs globally.

The app allows guests to check in by taking a selfie using its all-in-one mobile phone app. The process is automated and there is no need for paperwork. The digital identity via self-check-in is reasurred with fingerprint and facial recognition technology. GTRIIP leverages on the biometrics sensors available on smartphones for a faster and more secured hotel check-in& registration process.

Conventional hotel check-ins can average 10 minutes per guest. Similarly, Co-working space offices have an overwhelming amount of guest keys to issue, especially for events. GTRIIP can reduce this to an instant check-in when guest profiles get verified. By verifying guest profile information from the app to a kiosk without an internet connection, this digital identity platform simplifies registration.

By partnering with major door lock manufacturers and IOT appliances, GTRIIP hotel software enables a seamless experience. The app allows the staff/guest to enter his or her room/office, and control the compatible lights, air-conditioners, television, and more.

Supported by cognitive technology, GTRIIP leverages on AI for machine learning and understanding, allowing for manpower to be more efficiently deployed in any organisation. In the future, GTRIIP will continue to explore artificial intelligence in hospitality for different ways to retrieve a verified profile for humans without a smartphone.

“As a product, we see ourselves becoming a platform that serves a need for increasingly advanced AI and machines to have a clear understanding and recognition of the humans they are interacting with – a document-less platform for human identity, if you will,” says Maxim Thaw Tint, Founder and CEO.

Not resting on their laurels, GTRIIP will continue to innovate in their mission to make the world truly a document-less place.

Media contact:

Arvin Tang

VP Marketing, GTRIIP


(+65) 8201 2231

Additional Information:

GTRIIP is a document-less check-in and access app that uses artificial intelligence and hotel check-in with biometrics on smartphones to drive automated check-in and registration at properties worldwide.

GTRIIP partners with industry-leading property management systems, door locks, and other hardware manufacturers so verified humans can also open doors and control in-room electronic appliances. GTRIIP customers include hotels, member clubs, and co-working spaces.

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